WHY WE PAINT CURBS:  Our customers want their curb address painted so they can be good neighbors, to make their house look clean and classy and to make life a little easier for everyone, including Amazon, Door-Dash, UPS, Fed-Ex, Emergency Responders, fiends, family and anyone who is looking for addresses in the neighborhood..  

All pictures on this website and other advertising are of curbs actually painted by us.  

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION — We are experienced, accurate in our work and honored to have your business.  Any customer who’s curb gets damaged or who wants a re-paint for any reason gets it.  Just call within 30 days of the original paint job and we are happy to do it with NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  If the customer is still unhappy and they call within 30 days of the second paint job then they get an automatic refund (heck, it’s only $21.99 and no customer has ever asked for one anyways).   

LICENSING — We pay a fee for a city license to paint curb addresses but we do not represent the city and there is no city requirement that you have your curb painted.  But if you want it painted then you need to hire a company like us or do it yourself because it is not a city service at the time of this writing.

OTHER QUESTIONS — If you have any other questions — please give us a call.  Thanks!!