CUSTOMER SATISFACTION — We are experienced, accurate in our work and honored to have your business.  Any customer who’s curb gets damaged or who wants a re-paint for any reason gets it.  Just call within 30 days of the original paint job and we are happy to do it with NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  If the customer is still unhappy and they call within 30 days of the second paint job then they get an automatic refund (heck, it’s only $21.99 and no customer has ever asked for one anyways).

AGREEMENT AND REQUEST — Customer agrees that the information provided on this website and the purchase transaction constitute the entirety of communications necessary to create an agreement for performance of curb address painting services by Address-Services and also  a specific request by customer to paint the curb address at customer’s listed “delivery address” property.

TAXES — California does not impose sales tax on painting of real property.  

All other applicable and related legal matters are covered by the laws of the State of California and the United States Federal Government.